Collected experiences, fundamental truths.


The Garden Schoolhouse cultivates a passion for learning, and intellectual curiosity. We celebrate childhood by tending to the unique gifts of each child.  We build the foundation for academic success.


We will plant a Garden Schoolhouse in every neighborhood to promote a more compassionate, informed, and engaged world.


Why The garden schoolhouse?

  • We believe in childhood.

  • We believe in the great beauty and potential of human beings.

  • We believe children are leaders, peacemakers, innovators, and builders.

  • We believe in our connection to all people, the earth and all living things.

  • We believe in the strength of our diverse learning community.

the nurtured heart approach©

From The Inner Wealth Initiative by Howard Glasser, Tom Grove, and Melissa Block:
“The reason this approach works so well is that it cultivates something I call inner wealth--the ability to feel successful, cope, be happy, and grow within ourselves and with other people. Inner wealth is a multifaceted inner experience of our greatness and deeply connected to our feeling that we have meaning--that we are important just by virtue of being alive

Habits of mind

 We teach children specific habits they will need to succeed in relationships, school, work, and life. These habits include:

  • Creating, Imagining, and Innovating
  • Responding with Wonderment and Awe
  • Gathering data through all Senses
  • Persisting
  • Managing Impulsiveness
  • Listening to Others with Understanding and Empathy
  • Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision
  • Finding Humor

The Habits of Mind develop in each child: positive, imaginative, communal, peaceful, joyful and mighty character traits that invite all humans, child or otherwise, to not only get along - but to love living life.... And living life is a love of learning, exploring, creating and sharing.


Parents as Partners in our Learning Community

We respect and support parents in their role as a child's first teacher.

We share our approach for nurturing healthy behaviors in children.  

We offer a quarterly family dinner/board game night to share a meal and where parents get to know each other informally.

Parents continue to be in relationship and support each other after they leave our program.

The Garden Schoolhouse does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, family composition, nor physical disability in employment, admissions, educational policies, or in school-administered programs.

The Garden Schoolhouse is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization.