Reggio invites children in child care centers to learn through play; this is a freedom that encourages a child to live rightfully in childhood - and calls back to childhood those whose right has been suffocated. Reggio promotes the healing powers of nature and believes in the universality of humanity and earth, and learning and living in such a way not only helps us to heal... living so, helps us to become healers.


Habits of Mind are the means by which any human grows in light and joy and creativity! We teach these (and try our utmost to live them) as they simply make human beings loving, wonder-filled, worth-while creatures! They provide life affirming guidelines to assist in understanding ourselves and others. Habits of Mind teach communication with others and with the world. Children as young as three years of age in child care can learn to develop these habits early.


Awareness of the developmental stage of each child allows us to observe the spectrum of communication as taught to us by Pam Oken-wright, consultant, author, The Oken-Wright Pedagogical Consultancy. This spectrum encourages children to solve their conflicts peaceably through communication, yet honors the truth that our younger students may not know the vocabulary to problem solve, and so the teacher provides the child with the words to reach a resolution.


We use NHA to nurture children...a heart that celebrates the positive: ideas, actions, words, relationships... As educators, we focus on the brilliance of the child's innovations, responses to the world, contributions to our school community, and all brave attempts to try something new. This approach also reminds us to respond to our students as kindred beings who sometimes hurt and are trying to communicate this pain or communicate through it.   We acknowledge, listen and respond to a child’s cry for help or behavior that indicates they need help to solve social or emotional difficulties. Our Heartfelt approach is like Miracle Grow (or one of organic making), as it is patient and gentle and attentive.... and it blossoms.  


COMING SOON:   Yoga as a Peace Practice: Creating Resilience in Our Communities (offered through Yogaville in August 2018. This training will strengthen our already routine practice of morning yoga and mindfulness meditation with our students.

"The Anatomy of Peace"

The leaders and teachers of The Garden Schoolhouse continue to deepen our roots by acquiring knowledge and experience, to be the tools which nurture resilience, communication and peace. We are reading and practicing, as a way of being, the teachings of “The Anatomy of Peace” - resolving the heart of conflict.  

“After years of applying these ideas with youth and their parents, I can say that this is powerful medicine for the soul. These ideas change hearts, heal deep wounds, and bring parents and children together. “