The Garden Schoolhouse Tuition Assistance

The Garden Schoolhouse provides a limited number of financial aid awards each year to those in need.  Various fundraising events and donations fund the annual financial aid awards program. Financial aid decisions are made after a student has been accepted to the school.

Financial need is defined as the difference between what it costs to attend The Garden Schoolhouse and your family’s ability to pay.  Financial need is based on, but not limited to, net income, the number of dependents, and the number of children attending private schools. Families are required to reapply for financial aid each year. 

All information will be treated as confidential.  No use will be made of this information and these forms except to arrive at a fair determination of financial aid and will be shredded after a decision is made.  The application will be anonymous once the applications are given to the Financial Aid Committee.

Applications for Financial Aid are available on the school website or from Betty Walker, Treasurer.  Each application must include a copy of the applicant’s most recent tax form.


The Financial Aid Committee, The Garden Schoolhouse


Please complete the form below

Please include the last current six pay stubs as proof of employment and the most recent tax return with this application.

By submitting the form below, you agree to provide The Garden Schoolhouse with proof of financial need, if requested.  Furthermore, information contained on this form is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.


Student Name *
Student Name
Name of the child for whom financial assistance is being requested.
Student Date of Birth *
Student Date of Birth
The student's birth date (MM/DD/YYYY).
The person(s) financially responsible for this child.
Financial point of contact name *
Financial point of contact name
Name of primary person financially responsible for the child.
Financial point of contact phone number
Financial point of contact phone number
How much you currently pay for monthly tuition or childcare.
Please list the monthly income for anyone who is financially responsible for the child.
Does the financial point of contact receive any child support payments?
Do you receive any federal and/or state financial assistance?
Please describe your personal situation. Be sure to explain outstanding financial commitments such as medical bills, loss of income, etc. Describe any and all current circumstances which require you to need financial assistance. Feel free to attach additional sheets as necessary.