Children Design a City

Students engage in the evolving recreation of our cherished city of Richmond by combining many of their favorite modalities, such as: Legos, blocks, railroad tracks, animals and folk, Hanukkah candles, and imagination! 

Blue blocks pieces.jpg

All students found elements of the city to gather and contribute.  Lego buildings and homes create a vibrant, colorful, place to live!  Most lego homes are clustered together, but one mansion resides on the other side of the train tracks and looks over the James

Gathering for City.jpg

The detail and dedication to the intricacies of what the students create demonstrate their depth of developing their own ideas and collaborating joyfully and respectfully. Children even welcomed animals to the city... some live in the zoo and some wander free. 


In the outskirts of town, a student declared that this is the airport - as he constructed legos into the shape of an airplane. 


Another student gathered the Hanukkah candles and placed them so gently throughout the city explaining they are streetlights. 

This is a welcoming world of imagination and reality - all blessings!
— Ms. Amy, Master Teacher